Organisational Health Check

The Museums’ Organisational Health Check is a self-assessment tool for museums which is now being used across all of the English Regions by the Museum Development Network.

It is designed as an indicator to help you highlight your museum’s current best practice, understand where the museum has areas of development and to feed into your forward planning.  This will enable you to prioritise areas of working over the next 12 months and provide you with a benchmark for future work.

It helps MDEM to provide bespoke support for your museum as well as tailored programmes and grants across the East Midlands which respond to the regional need. As such we are asking all Accredited museums in the region to complete the tool to access our support programmes and grant schemes over the next 12 months.

By completing the Museums’ Organisational Health Check you will receive a bespoke advisory report with a summary of your results and suggestions of where to access support in your highlighted areas of need. We expect a museum to receive this within 4 weeks of completing the online form.

Submitting A Museums Organisational Health Check

You can view a the tool here MDN Museums Organisational Health Check – guidance information and form, however we ask that all respondent museums complete the tool via our online portal. Please contact the MDEM team for a link to this.

Please note: We ask all museums to return the Health Check within 6 weeks of receiving a grant. We also ask that it be completed ahead of application to any support programmes.

Further Support:

To help you to complete the tool, Heather Lomas has, Organisational Health Consultant created a supporting film and PowerPoint presentation which can be viewed below. This is aimed at anyone completing the tool, and can be used in advance or whilst completing the online form.

You can view and download the supporting slides to the film which explain the process of completing the Health Check here: PowerPoint

If you are using the film which you complete the form, you can use this timing script to skip ahead to the relevant sections: Timing Script

If you have any questions about the tool, how to submit or previous submissions then please email


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