Terms and Conditions for Museums

At MDEM we are committed to being transparent in our practices and our expectations of the organisations we work with. This page provides information about what we ask of all museums who work with us, and information about how we store and use your data.

MDEM provides support to museums through training, grants, an advisory service and support programmes. To benefit from these, we ask all museums:

  • To provide case studies on request, for activity undertaken with MDEM support
  • To complete the Organisational Health Check every two years
  • To complete the Annual Museums Survey
  • To provide feedback for our evaluation upon request
  • If unable to attend an MDEM event, to provide more than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation

You can find the MDEM Privacy Policy here which outline what data we collect and how we use and store it. Additional terms and conditions may be applied to grant awards and intensive support programmes and these will be outlined on all application forms.

If you do not adhere to the above conditions, then MDEM reserves the right to refuse access to certain elements of support.