An introduction to audience data collection

January 24, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Understanding who your audiences are is the bedrock of being able to communicate with them in a meaningful way. And it will help you to understand who you’re not reaching, and why. This session will cover the basics of why and how to go about collecting data on your audiences. With an overview of different tools for collecting data.


  • Why it is important and how you can use it
  • Methods of data collection
  • Best practice
  • Collecting demographic data
  • Different data collection portals and their methodologies.
  • Advocating for data collection in your organisation
  • A mix of higher effort/resource vs lighter touch and quicker methods
  • Sources of benchmarking and contextual data

About the Trainer

Christina is a marketing and audience development consultant, trainer and facilitator working with heritage and cultural organisations, with 21 years’ experience as a freelancer and in agency and in-house positions.
Christina empowers organisations to develop and execute marketing that connects to audiences with purpose and impact.
Her experience spans museums, heritage sites, libraries, archives, and arts organisations including the Science Museum Group, Museum of London, AIM, Jane Austen’s House and the Museum of Cambridge. She is a trustee of Kids in Museums and author of the book Marketing Strategy for Museums.


Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout. The training will include breakout room discussions between delegates. There will be a short midway comfort break.

Maximum two delegates per organisation. Priority will be given to delegates from non-NPO and non-National museums in the East Midlands which are Accredited or officially Working Towards Accreditation.


This event will be auto-captioned through Zoom. If you would benefit from any other form of access support, including live captioning, please answer ‘yes’ to the access requirements question on the booking form and email as early as possible stating the support you require. If you would find it beneficial for your learning and accessibility

Slides can be shared around 1 week in advance on request

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