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Meet the Museum Development East Midlands team

If you have a question or query and would like to know if we can help, get in touch with us, either by telephone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.


Claire Browne, Museum Development Manager

T: 07973 800 072

Contact Claire for programme and grant funding enquiries and questions, advice on Accreditation and Museum Mentors.


Sarah Hartshorne, Museum Development Programme Officer

T: 0116 305 8118
M: 07730 583 319

Contact Sarah for programme advice queries and questions about our e-newsletter, website and other forms of communication. Sarah also leads on MDEM’s training programme.


Laura Hughes, Museum Development Project Officer

T: 0116 305 3118

Usual working days Monday, Thursday and Friday

Contact Laura for communications. programme and grant funding applications, advice on successful applications and all things finance related.




Anita Hollinshead, Regional Collections Advisor

T: 07876 166 742

Contact Anita for information regarding MDEM’s training programme or queries on collections or the Emergency and Risk Network. 




Heather Lomas, Organisational Health and Museum Accreditation Advisor

T: 07809 771066 \ 01986 784477

Contact Heather for information regarding Museum Accreditation, Organisational Health or the Trustee Network.


Mailing Address:
Leicestershire County Council
Museum Development EM
Room 600
County Hall

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