Would you like to find out how happy your visitors are?

November 13, 2013

Here is your invitation to join the National Wellbeing Survey.

The Happy Museum will be working with ‘happiness economist’ Daniel Fujiwara of London School of Economics to discover what it is about museums that makes people happy.

They are inviting museums to participate in research, by completing a survey, administered by The Happy Museum project.  In return, museums will be able to find out whether they are making their visitors happy and if so what factors generate happiness.  It will also create evidence that can be used to show funders.

Find out more…

Find out more about The Happy Museum project and the ideas behind it, in this short film, which can be viewed here, or visit The Happy Museum website here for further information about the project.

How do I sign our museum up?

All you have to do is email happymuseumproject@gmail.com

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