Bringing to life Roman Caistor

October 14, 2013

Caistor Heritage Trust is working with Laser Red, an IT company, to produce a 3D simulation of Roman Caistor.

The Trust is pleased to announce that this stage of the project is being completed free of charge. It is hoped that eventually the simulation will show the development of Caistor from the beginning of time through to the present.

There has been very little research completed on the walls and interior of Roman Caistor. A small amount of wall demolition from Roman Caistor has been discovered recently. In the last few years evidence of a large Roman / Anglo Saxon cemetery has been unearthed just outside the walls.

Alan Dennis from the Caistor Heritage Trust said:
“I am delighted to be given this opportunity to demonstrate the development of Caistor. We are having to be careful not to go too far into the world of fantasy. With that in mind we are being given invaluable advice from Mick Jones an archaeologist who has worked for Lincolnshire County Council and Steve Willis of the University of Kent. They both have a wealth of knowledge of Roman Lincolnshire.”

These are screen shots of the early design of the 3D simulation.

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