Museum Accreditation update

May 5, 2022


Arts Council England has published the latest update for the Accreditation Scheme – the information is here:

This includes information about the interim schedule for Accreditation returns.

ACE will prioritise inviting returns that were overdue when the scheme paused in April 2020 and will send out the first batch of invites for return in December 2022, with the earliest deadline being in June 2023. There are 15 museums in the East Midlands in the first batch.

There will be a second batch of invites sent out from July 2023, for a deadline of December 2023.  There are two museums in the East Midlands in the second batch.

You can find out if you’re included in the first two batches, and when you will be invited to make your return by following this link:

If your museum is not due to be invited within these first two batches, you don’t have to do anything now, we advise you wait until the full schedule is released. The next rollout will start from an invitation date of January 2024 with a deadline of June 2024.

MDEM is providing a range of Accreditation related workshops during 2022/23, please follow the link to book places on the workshops here:

If you require further support or advice please contact Jennie Crawford, MDEM Accreditation Adviser,

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