Small Grants

How much can you apply for: £250 – £2,000 per annum

Purpose of Grant: To support small-scale projects where funding has been difficult to source.

What the grant will fund: Purchase of equipment and materials; training costs; match funding towards a purchase/ project/ short term temporary contract to advise or support an activity or development e.g. making a grant application/ running events/ project management etc.

Eligibility: Applicants must be an Accredited Museum or with ‘Working Towards Accreditation’ status.  Provisionally accredited museums are eligible to apply.

Your application will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Project is viable, achievable and clearly planned
  • There is a demonstrable need.
  • Urgency of need and availability of other suitable funds
  • Outcomes will demonstrate impact of funds.
  • Project demonstrates value for money.
  • Application demonstrates 10% match funding towards total project cost

Match funding: MDEM can fund up to 90% of the total project cost. A 10% match funding contribution by the museum can be in cash and/ or volunteer-time where appropriate (see application form).

What we cannot fund:

  • Revenue costs such as salaries and general running costs (a grant can however fund additional staff time needed to deliver the project/ contractors/ short term contracts)
  • Building (capital) work:
    (We define capital expenditure as money spent on the purchase, improvement, restoration, construction or creation of a fixed asset, including expenses or costs that are directly attributable to delivering the capital project.)
  • NPO museums

How to apply:

You can download the application form here: Small-Grants-Fund-Application-Form-23-24

Please email us at Museum Development East Midlands for further information and to discuss your application.

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