Audience Champions

The Audience Agency are currently running a national pilot programme in partnership with MDEM in the region, to support staff and volunteers at non-NPO museums to focus on using audience data to inform a museum’s development. The East Midlands programme has 6 ‘Audience Champions’ at museums of all sizes/ types which are being supported to collect and analyse audience data over the coming year and to consider how this can inform an audience development plan.

During the programme, museums will gain a better understanding of who their audiences are, where they come from and using data sources and segmentation models to identify and understand potential audiences as part of a network of other cultural organisations.  One to one support and mentoring is also available from the Audience Agency in between workshops, to support volunteers and staff who may need help setting up new systems of collecting data, using Audience Finder in the workplace or introducing new ways of working to colleagues.

For more information, please contact Claire Browne.

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