Reboot & Recovery Grant Case Studies

Thanks to Art Fund partnership funding, MDEM offered Reboot & Recovery Grants to help museums in the East Midlands re-build their offer to audiences and strengthen organisationally in response to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.  These were available between April 2020 to July 2021.

Purpose of Grant: To support effective reopening in 2021 particularly where museums are implementing new approaches and ideas in response to the crisis to address audience needs and the development of a sustainable offer going forward.

Overall MDEM awarded 7 grants in 2020-21 and 9 in 2021-22. These covered a range of projects from introducing a museum shop for the first time to increasing digital presence. An Art Fund & Museum Development UK report on awards and grant distribution from 2020 is available here and final evaluation report is here.

Recovery Grant Case Study – Eyam Museum
Amount of grant applied for: £9800.00
Date of application: August 2020
Project Delivery: March 2021
Eyam Museum submitted a successful application in August 2020 to rebuild the museum’s offer by developing its digital presence to capitalise on media interest, grow new audiences and enable proactive public engagement and new partnerships.

Recovery Grant Case Study – Museum of Timekeeping
Amount of grant applied for: £7609.00
Date of application: October 2020
Project Delivery: June 2021
In October 2020, the Museum of Timekeeping made a successful application which enabled them to relocate the collection of their Speaking Clocks into a larger exhibition space, create new interpretation for the collection and to create a shop in the former Speaking Clock gallery. The project was completed by June 2021.




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