Emergency and Risk Resources

Here we have put together a range of resources to support museums and heritage organisations with emergency preparedness and risk management.

You can also download our ‘What are the Risks to Museums?’ visual and Emergency and Risk Network Information sheet here: MDEM Museums Risk Leaflet

ERN Risk Assessment Template when undertaking museum site assessment: Template-Risk-Assessment-of-Threats-for-Museums

Emergency Plan Template – Updated to include pandemics

The ERN network has worked to create a revised Emergency Plan template for museums to ensure it is able to respond to pandemics and in particular the issues raised through the Covid 19 pandemic.

You can download the template and supporting document below:

MDEM Emergency Plan Template

APPENDIX 1 – Forms to copy and use

APPENDIX 2 – Building Maintenance Checklist

Collections Trust

  1. ‘Ten Steps to a Museum Emergency Plan’
  2. Pest Fact Sheets
  3. ‘Emergency planning for collections’ (Spectrum 5 procedure)

DCMS, Business Continuity Planning Tool

Harwell Support Services

Hazards in Collections E-Tool Use this tool to search through common hazards found in collections, such as asbestos or controlled drugs, and view current legislation and advice.

Historic England: ‘Writing an Emergency Response Plan’

Museums Galleries Scotland

Museum of London Emergency planning e-tool

Museum of London- Pocket Salvage Guide

Risk Awareness Profiling Tool (RAPT)

Share Museums East – Be prepared: Emergency planning toolkit for Museums’

‘What’s Eating Your Collection’

If you would like to suggest a resource to add to the list or have a question, please contact the Emergency and Risk Network lead Anita Hollinshead.

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