Privacy Policy

MDEM only stores personal data that is relevant to our activities. This will at times include contact details for individuals and organisations. We will always ask for consent to store and use your data.

How do we use data

MDEM communicates information about MDEM and related sectoral opportunities by email. We also at times ask for information such as access needs and dietary requirements for attendees of training to provide the best experience possible. MDEM does not share museum and personal data with third parties without consent.

How we store your data

MDEM is managed by Leicestershire County Council who is the Data Controller and stores all data securely on the Leicestershire County Council Server. We review the data we hold on a bi-annual basis and delete out of date and inactive data where appropriate.


Our newsletter is distributed via individual subscription on MailChimp. If you subscribe to the newsletter, this data will be used solely to distribute the newsletter and for no other purposes.


Individuals can sign up to an MDEM run network by completing the relevant sign up form. MDEM use MailChimp to complete this function. These emails will only be contacted with information relevant to that network.

Requesting or removing data

Museums and individuals wishing to see or remove their data should email

For any queries and questions

Contact the MDEM programme manager: